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As I was telling on Jan 23, I could not find any DP-​DVI adapter in Moscow (note, that DP-​male DVI-​female adapter is pas­sive, but DP-​female DVI-​male adapter along­side with DP-​male DP-​duallink-​female both should be active, i.e. require spe­cial chip to re-​encode sig­nal). I attempted another try to search it offline in another com­puter com­po­nents shop­ping area (some­how I pre­fer mon­stros­ity of Aki­habara) and utterly failed. Every sales­per­son upon hear­ing about DP-​DVI sent me to mys­te­ri­ous E-​16 kiosk. Reach­ing it I found myself before Apple Reseller shop and turned back swear­ing. Of course I’ve already got miniDP-​DVI con­nec­tor to use both of my dis­plays with GT120 shipped with my MacPro.

On Fri­day reg­u­lar ship­ment from NIX arrived to my office, includ­ing two non­ame DP_​DVI adapters, I found in their cat­a­logue recently. At last I can remove GT120 in favour of R4890, which can drive both of my dis­plays (my Sap­phire R4890 got sin­gle DVI, DP and HDMI). Though it did not cured my BENQ Q24W5 prob­lem which seems to appear if some­how new video card is con­nected to it via DVI — it turns off dis­play for two sec­onds every two hours or so.

Today’s pic­ture will be unre­lated — just some cute pic­ture I found on my harddrive:

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It’s rather irri­tat­ing not to be able to find any Displayport-​to-​DVI adapter (even single-​link) in Moscow. Search­ing online gives you bunch of fake-​shops, which never deliver desired equip­ment. Search­ing offline gives you hand­ful of Apple Mini Dis­play­port adapters and their direct clones. No full-​size Dis­play­port ever seen.

Even Ama­zon has sev­eral in their catalogue…

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