This blog is not about aston­ish­ment or stu­pid­ity. It is about things which urge you to only one sim­ple ges­ture — facepalm. Being pot­pourri of IT-​stories, facts about anime and other aspects of mass­cul­ture, it focuses on one dis­tinct idea: if some­one still thinks than thing like forc­ing crap into out minds and hands are quite wrong, then there is still hope for improvement.

I’m strug­gling between sci­ence and pro­gram­mers work (but mainly between pro­cras­ti­na­tion and being forced to write code), using Mac Pro at home and shoot­ing real raw with Leica M7 and Kon­ica Hexar RF. That’s what I do in addi­tion to think­ing. Fur­ther­more my cook­ing tastes like crap. I’m down­right nerd. Nuff Said.

P.S. My Eng­lish is poor, because last time I used it was sev­eral years ago. Every cor­rec­tion will be appreciated.

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