As time goes on, I have found robust word­press client for Android. This means that start­ing today most of posts will be writ­ten on my HTC Desire dur­ing my bor­ing sub­way rides. Those posts will carry dis­tinc­tive prop­erty: being too large for twit­ter and too com­pli­cated for my generic fol­lower (I have twenty, but I can model generic one). Cer­tainly you there will be much more hate, as peo­ple around will be push­ing me with theirs elbows. On the other hand text will be schizopha­sic to some extent due to weird word com­ple­tion of my on-​screen key­board. And on the third hand (as if I have got it, but I will be dream­ing to get at least four until either my death or the moment I receive them) some posts will be in Russ­ian, mostly at the momont of some severe hate or brain dis­func­tion.
And I still wish my read­ers (have I got any one at all???) some luck in case they need it.


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