It’s proph­esy time!
As I see it, there will be no major move­ment for SMTP (for “spam mail trans­fer pro­to­col”, thank you Cap­tain Obvi­ous) for at least few years. Legacy sys­tems dom­i­nate the world. And solu­tion will arrive — in the same way we lib­er­ate our blogs from spam com­ments new ver­sion of ESMTP will have CAPTCHA sup­port, mak­ing send­ing mail a com­pli­cated and seri­ous mat­ter.
Just to shield myself from igno­rant idiots I will write E=ħν on my fore­head and ask every­one to read it aloud. Or even com­pute ∫e–x2 up to sec­ond digit…

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