Lately Apple Cal­i­for­nia dis­cretely dis­trib­uted fix for infa­mous “Audio Bug” for MacPro 4,1. Apple was silent for nearly nine month from first reports of this prob­lem to Apple­Care call cen­ter. Now with­out com­mo­tion they sud­denly responded to few cus­tomers via Apple­Care and sup­pos­edly com­mu­ni­cated with ArsTech­nica jour­nal­ist Chris Fores­man and offered pos­si­bil­ity for fix. In a week they pub­lished fix on their site, with­out any announce­ment. Users found info about fix from ArsTechica and/​or MacRu­mours forum thread (in nine months it has grown into 60-​pages mon­ster). There is rumour, that i7 iMacs are suf­fer­ing form the same bug, so it is inter­est­ing to find, if same type of fix was released for them.

The fix works. Tem­per­a­tures are lower and allow to con­strain fans more or less around 800rpm. Inter­nals are a bit mys­ti­cal, but I sup­pose that real work was done in IOPlatformPluginFamily.kext and AudioAUUC.kext is just a place­holder to indi­cate fix instal­la­tion. And a pic­ture to remember:

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