Being ridicu­lously bowd­ler­ized by cen­sors in Japan, Seikon no Quaser walks towards to be scis­sored both in Amer­ica and in Rus­sia in case being licensed. For english-​speaking cen­sors the fam­ily name of pro­tag­o­nist may sound like ‘Hell’ and bring up unpleas­ant asso­ci­a­tions. On the other hand in Rus­sia amused view­ers will hear the word mean­ing ‘dick’ form Japan­ese audio track instead of protagonist’s sur­name. Also, being writ­ten ‘Хэлл’, it would remind view­ers of var­i­ous things, mak­ing them even more amused. For exam­ple, noto­ri­ous russ­ian blog hacker ‘Хэлл’, the “hero of Rail and Strapon war” — now we know how he really looks like:

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